Robinson & Associates

We aim to help people find the best way for them to be in New Zealand legally.


New Zealand wants people who come here to have good health, good character and a good standard of English language.


There are a variety of options for if you want to come to live, work or visit New Zealand.

Options are related to skills, experience, qualifications, finances and wishes.

Some visas need a New Zealand sponsor, maybe your New Zealand employer, a family member who is resident in New Zealand or an organisation.



Our services


Let us help you work through the process from the beginning to help you find the best stream and visa type for you, your partner and your family.








Whether you grew up speaking English or another language or use a different alphabet, using our services seems to make the process more straightforward and takes the pressure off you.



Click here to contact us with your details so we can make an assessment and advise you about the steps to take.



Note: If your visa is declined, we can help with appeals.


We also advise on overstayed situations but rarely handle refugee cases because of our provincial location.

We can and do refer people to appropriately qualified refugee specialists.